How to draw in 2-point perspective 

April 26, 2017

Drawing in 2-point perspective is a lot like 1-point except, you guessed it, you have two vanishing points instead of one. 

First, start with your horizon line and add your two vanishing points. 

Then, you add the vertical edge of whatever you’re drawing. (In my case, delicious cereal 🙂 ) In two point perspective both sides are sloping towards a vanishing points, so you can’t draw the closest side “flat” like before. 

Next, draw lines connecting the top and bottom of your vertical line to each vanishing point. 

The final step, is to use parallel lines to the center (in this case vertical) to “cut off” each side. Then you can erase extra lines and add details. I used more guidelines to get the words on the front of the box straight. 

That cereal box didn’t have a visible top or bottom, which made it a bit easier. I added a box of tea so you can see how to do the top. 

You do the same things as with any other 2-point perspective drawing, but after you “cut off” the sides you need to add a top. I did this by going from each of the top corners to the vanishing point in the opposite side of the page. 

I added extra guidelines to the tea so that you can see how to add words or details on the sides.

Now that you can create basic objects with 2-point perspective, keep going! Add details, add more objects, experiment with different shapes! And get ready to try 3-point perspective next! 🙂 (That’ll be my last perspective tutorial for now, promise.) 

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