How to draw in 1-point perspective from above!

April 6, 2017

First, you start with one dot, or point, because it’s “1-point perspective “.

You should already know that though, since you have totally all ready  done the first tutorial on perspective, right?

If not, go ahead and check it out here:

No worries, I’ll wait.

Great! Now that you’re back make one dot for your vanishing point and then draw the flat tops of your objects. I did a few varied shapes for rooftops in a city (one has a pool).

No horizon line this time because you are looking straight down. 

Second, connect your shape to the vanishing line and cut it off.

This should feel familiar. Just like before, make sure that the lines of the “top” edges are parallel to the “bottom” edges. Third, add details (like windows!).

The sides of the windows will angle to the vanishing point. The tops and bottoms will be parallel to each other and the top edge of the building. They will also get closer together as they get closer to the vanishing point.

Fourth, repeat those steps to add more buildings…or furniture, or whatever you’re drawing.

Fifth, erase the extra lines, and add detail to the bottom.

Any details on the bottom or rooftop size will appear flat and can be drawn normally. Like the roads and cars I added. The circular rooftop pool is another example of this.

I also added another building to demonstrate how making a building look taller is as easy as increasing the space between the top and bottom. 

That’s it! You did it!

Here’s a bonus example to show you how you can keep using this method for other drawings. 

Now what?

  1. Practice more! And share you fantastic art with friends, family, or even me! 🙂
  2. Leave a comment with any questions or comments you have. Feel free to add requests for future tutorials.
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  4. Most importantly, enjoy creating and learning. This should go without saying. ❤