How Do I (re)Start?

July 7, 2017 By inquisitiveart

I didn’t realize how much momentum I had until I lost it.
I was working hard pushing a rock along without realizing how well it was going. And then I stopped for too long and now I’m just staring at a brick wall and wondering how much running straight into it will hurt. 
And how embarrased I should be about needing to restart. Again. 
Well this is me. Running into the brick wall/boulder face first. Hoping it will start moving again and not sure what it’ll look like when it does. 
I honestly love this writing/blogging a lot more than I though I would. I always saw myself as a “super visual” person and not as good with words. Sure I could write what teacher’s wanted and do well on essays-but creative writing? Writing for fun? Nah man. That’s like talking. And I’m clearly not good at that. Plus, I’m SUPER VISUAL! I’d rather read the text than watch a youtube video of someone talking-doesn’t that mean I should stick to the more visual side of things? 
But surprisingly writing and doing art tutorials has been so great. I felt like I had found this whole new way to express myself and connect with others. So it’s more frustrating that I just, kinda, gave up on it. 
Life happened. And kept happening. And is STILL happening. 
First, I thought that I would be able to do more writing and work as soon as I was back in the US and not traveling.