Am I In Over My Head?

August 25, 2017 By inquisitiveart

Am I in over my head?




Of course I am.


Perhaps I took my own advice on “Making My Life Harder on Purpose” a little too well.


I’ve committed to becoming a professional illustrator.


To those who know me well, this might feel more “out of the blue” than it is.


Backing up a bit


I’ve always loved art and thought about going to art school after high school…but didn’t.


After graduating with my teaching certification I taught 5th grade, and let’s just be kind and say I had a bit of a rough year. I loved parts of it, but ultimately realized that classroom teaching wasn’t for me.


While surviving 5th grade, I started to draw more frequently and focused more on improving while I thought seriously about the foolishness of changing careers right after spending years getting a teaching degree.


Then came nine months of working overseas and traveling as a “break”, “while I could” before I “got too settled” into a teaching job.


Which were all true reasons for why I went overseas.