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The Dangers of Not Going to Art School

April 3, 2018 By inquisitiveart

Wanting to go into a new, and very different, career is scary. Doing it without the clear guideposts and sense of forward momentum and guidance that college offers is occasionally terrifying.

I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. If I’m moving forward. If I’m delusional to think that I could become an illustrator just by teaching myself and putting junk online.

And teaching myself is HARD! I’m not literally teaching myself-there is an overwhelming array of online and in text resources available. That doesn’t always make it easier though.

Some of the risks of trying to teach myself I think about our:

  1. Without external deadlines I might never actually FINISH something. I have ambitious goals and timelines…and am very forgiving to myself.
  2. There’s no curriculum-how do I know what to work on?! Will I waste time on classes that offer no value or even teach me something incorrectly while I miss out on some important foundational lesson?
  3. It’s hard to get feedback-how will I know what to work on? Will I improve slowly/not at all?
  4. No classmates. I love my roommates and friends! But instead of working together with them on homework or discussing art lessons-I’m more often distracted from art by their amazing presence and willingness to go out for Mexican food.
  5. Self-doubt. When I was in college for education there was a clear path I knew I could follow and succeed at.

Why should I blog if I want to be an illustrator?

April 2, 2018 By inquisitiveart

Sometimes it feels silly to try to keep up on a blog. After all, more time writing means less time drawing, right? Plus, who really cares what I have to say here? Am I just being vain thinking my random musings are worth other people’s time?

Could I ever help anyone with what I have to say?

Why not just wait to blog or post my drawings until I’m actually “good enough” to be an illustrator?

Good questions, self! I can always count on you to doubt my abilities and plans!

I’ll do my best to answer those questions for myself, and anyone else who wants to know or is thinking about starting their own blog.


So the only good reasons I can think of for having a blog, or doing most things in life, are because it helps myself or it helps others. And the optimistic/idealistic part of myself hopes that this blog can do both!

How I’m using this blog to help myself:

  1. Organize and better understand my own thoughts/goals/plans by putting them down in words
  2. Document and save my artistic progress-so I can motivate myself to keep going and see how far I’ve come.
  3. Motivate myself to be more consistent in creating and studying through peer pressure. (Thanks guys!)
  4. Learn other useful skills besides illustration like writing, blog tech, social media, etc.
  5. Let people know I exist!

How to draw in 2-point perspective 

April 26, 2017 By inquisitiveart

Drawing in 2-point perspective is a lot like 1-point except, you guessed it, you have two vanishing points instead of one. 

First, start with your horizon line and add your two vanishing points. 

Then, you add the vertical edge of whatever you’re drawing. (In my case, delicious cereal 🙂 ) In two point perspective both sides are sloping towards a vanishing points, so you can’t draw the closest side “flat” like before. 

Next, draw lines connecting the top and bottom of your vertical line to each vanishing point. 

The final step, is to use parallel lines to the center (in this case vertical) to “cut off” each side. Then you can erase extra lines and add details. I used more guidelines to get the words on the front of the box straight. 

That cereal box didn’t have a visible top or bottom, which made it a bit easier. I added a box of tea so you can see how to do the top. 

You do the same things as with any other 2-point perspective drawing, but after you “cut off” the sides you need to add a top. I did this by going from each of the top corners to the vanishing point in the opposite side of the page. 

I added extra guidelines to the tea so that you can see how to add words or details on the sides.