How to Draw in 3-Point Perspective

May 12, 2017

3-point perspective isn’t used as frequently as the others-but can add a lot of drama and emphasis when drawing a huge building or tree stretching off into the sky. It is similar to 2-point perspective, but the third vanishing point shows where the object dissappears into the distance above.

Step one: As always, put down your horizon line and vanishing points. Two will be on the horizon line somewhere, but the third should be above or below it.

Leave yourself lots of space between the third VP and the horizon line to make it easier.


Next, draw one line from your top vanishing point down. This will be the closest edge of your building.

Then, you can add two dots to mark the top and bottom of the building. Connect each dot to each of the vanishing points on the side.

After that, mark where you want the bottom corners of the building to be. I added little arrows. Draw a line from each spot up to the top vanishing point.

That’s basically it. Details on the side with slope upwards towards the top VP, and along each side with angle towards the VP on their respective side.

I’ve added a sketch of what it can look like with you add more surrounding buildings.  And here’s a more subtle example with all three vanishing points off the page. 

Now it’s your turn!

Enjoy trying this out and let me know what you want to see next with a comment or message!

PDF version of this and previous tutorials coming soon. 🙂