How I learn any drawing skill + printable Skill Study Sketchbook!

April 22, 2017

In my quest to develop my artistic skills I’ve developed a structure that helps me get focused on and improve on whatever my current goal is-you should try it!

The most valuable things I have learned from the (embarrassingly huge number of) productivity and learning articles I’ve read are that I need to:

  • stay motivated
  • break the subject into manageable parts
  • gather resources
  • and work consistently.

In order to improve my illustration ability I first clarified what I want to improve on (perspective, anatomy, shading, etc). Now I work on each part individually, create tutorials on it as I learn, and incorporate skills I’ve learned before in each new project.

This learning can get messy, disorganized, and overwhelming with all the various skills I want to learn and resources I find.

For a long time I had sketches for studying something, random doodles, projects for gifts, and more all cluttered together in my sketchbook so I couldn’t just focus on one thing at a time. I also had all my resources jumbled together in my bookmarks folder and random lists of “books to read” so I could never find exactly what I needed-even if I had already found it in the past and saved it!

I needed an organized and clear space I could keep my sketches that were specifically tied to learning skills. I also wanted something that would eventually make great sources of reference if I want to go back and remember something in the future.

That is where the Skill Study Sketchbook came in!

I included everything I thought would be useful in it for an intensive study of a specific skill:

  • A cover with room to add the skill you’re learning, your name, and/or decorations.

  • A place to break down your skill (e.g.- perspective) into possible sub-skills (e.g. – 1-point perspective, 1-point perspective from above, 2-point perspective, etc)

  • A page to list out online and print resources to remember them (hopefully the tutorials on this site will make it into your book!)
  • A calendar and goal setting page to stay motivated and track sketching time or days
    • Goals for me include drawing at least a few minutes every day, and improving on whatever the skill of the month is

  • A table of contents to keep track of what sub-skills you practiced and when
  • As many blank pages for sketching as you want- these include a small space at the top for a page number and any tips/directions/prompts you want to remember for that page
  • A page at the back to collect the top tips or ideas you learned throughout your study

This is a great, flexible resource that I’ll be enjoying using. If you are ready to try it out yourself subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you the printable PDF immediately!

BONUS! – I’ll be creating printable PDFs of each tutorial in the future that fit the format and size of the Skill Study Sketchbook. You’ll be able to easily print them out each week and add them to your sketchbook to keep them on hand.

Sign up here to get it!

Enjoy learning!!